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AI Challenger 全球AI挑战赛
AI Challenger is aimed at researchers in the AI field and is committed to building a large-scale, comprehensive scientific data set and a world-class competition platform to promote the integration of AI in scientific research and business fields, promoting AI researchers to achieve technological breakthroughs and innovate in the frontiers all over the world. It released high-quality data sets such as mega-magnitude computer vision data sets and tens of millions of machine translation data sets. In 2017, 8,892 teams from 65 countries participated in the competition, it has become the largest non-commercial competition platform in China. AI challenger has been serving and nurturing artificial intelligence talents as its mission to create a new benign sustainable artificial intelligence research environment.
The National AI Training Program for Universities
In 2018, the national AI training program for universities was jointly sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Higher Education, and the Department of Science and Technology. The Chinese and foreign cultural exchange centers of the Ministry of Education, the Sinovation Ventures AI Institute and Peking University jointly sponsored the program. The training plan consists of two parts, the AI ​​training course for college teachers and the DeeCamp AI training camp for college students. Teacher-student linkage, school-enterprise cooperation, and Sino-U.S. cooperation are the three characteristics of the training program. The training plan will integrate the strongest AI resources at home and abroad, presenting the best AI knowledge lessons and practical lessons.
Teacher AI Training
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Student DeeCamp
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Message From the Founders
Kai-Fu Lee
Founder & CEO, Sinovation Ventures
AI Challenger's mission is to serve AI talents and help them grow, so to create an open and sustainable academic and industry ecosystem!
Xiaochuan Wang
CEO, Sogou
Leveraging on the quality and proprietary data resources from China top IT companies, we aims to help global scientists make bigger achievements, and tighten the industry-academia collaboration.
Yiming Zhang
Founder & CEO, Bytedance
We provide open access to massive data to attract top talents to the contest, thus to promote the integration of technical education and industrial innovation, and to connect people with information.
AI Challenger 2017 Committee
Shujian Huang
Nanjing University
Dekang Lin
Shixia Liu
Tsinghua University
Yang Liu
Tsinghua University
Yi Ma
UC Berkeley
Xiaodong Shi
Xiamen University
Jian Sun
Megvii Technology
Liang Wang
Institute of Automation
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yizhou Wang
Peking University
Tiejun Zhao
Harbin Institute of Technology
Sinovation Ventures, a leading tech VC focusing on Chinese entrepreneurship. Its AI Institute is an incubator for talents & technology, also an advocator for open ecosystem.
Sogou, China's symbolically innovative internet company, a leading Innovator of AI, the fourth largest Chinese internet company by monthly active users.
Bytedance, China’s largest AI content platform, a trailblazer of personalized information distribution based on user interests.
Online Education Partner
AI GPU Cloud Platform Partner
Smart Campus Partner
Media Partner
Media Partner
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